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accord произношение на английски [en]

Можете ли по-добре? Имате различен акцент? Произнесете accord на английски

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  • accord example in a phrase

    • with one accord

      Произношение на with one accord Произношение от JCasey (Мъж от Ирландия)
  • Definition of accord

    • harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters
    • concurrence of opinion
    • a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
  • Synonyms of accord

    • Произношение на Grant Grant [en]
    • Произношение на allow allow [en]
    • Произношение на show show [en]
    • Произношение на concede concede [en]
    • Произношение на yield yield [en]
    • Произношение на agree agree [en]
    • bestow (formal)
    • give in
    • give up
    • concur (formal)

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