Forvo Translate

June 7, 2010

I have to admit that Forvo Translate started as a joke... Could we do a Translation service better than Google's? The answer was yes. And we did it :)

Using Forvo's API, we've added to Google Translate the only this is wrong with it: Human pronunciations. Sure, Google have made a great job with their text-to-speech voice synthesis but if you speak other than English the results are just hilarious. Furthermore, Google have pronunciation enabled for just a couple of languages. Forvo covers the 57 languages of Google Translate, and about 200 more possible to come. So we are now introducing Forvo Translate. It's almost the same that Google Translate but with authentic native pronunciation. Why don't you give it a try and comment your thoughts on it? Or maybe you will enjoy more this presentation of Forvo Translate by Ilmostro a Forvo Editor:

Ask yourself this... would you employ C-3PO to teach you Wookiee, if you could have Chewbacca do it? The answer is NAAAAAAAAAAAAWGH While we have yet to figure out how to take recordings from irascible aliens, we can already upload thousands of human pronounced words on your mobile... or android. Don't take chances with artificial voices, go for the real thing! Nobody worries about upsetting a droid, but you don't want to upset a Wookiee by saying things wrong, do you?"

Stop Androids. Get Human.